The ugly canadian fighting for canadian

Her doctor suggested Erbitux—a proven cancer drug that targets cancer cells exclusively, unlike conventional chemotherapies that more crudely kill all fast-growing cells in the body—and Aucoin went to a clinic to begin treatment.

The ugly canadian fighting for canadian

Published October 13, Updated May 11, Imagine for a moment that you have a child or teenager who is suicidal, suffering from depression, severe anxiety, an eating disorder, a drug addiction or another mental-health problem. You can seek the care of a psychiatrist, a service covered by medicare, but the wait for an appointment is months, maybe even a year.

Or, you can seek the help of a psychologist or social worker who also does therapy. What do you do? Story continues below advertisement That is the unenviable choice Canadian parents face every day.

The middle-class scrape together the money the best they can, sacrificing so their child can get care.

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And those without the means wait, or do without care. Yet, only one in four gets appropriate treatment. Access to care, speedy or otherwise, is not the only issue. There is stigma, there is denial and there is fear too. Kirby, a former Canadian senator and tireless advocate for better mental-health care, plans to do something about it.

The ugly canadian fighting for canadian

The idea is straightforward: Get governments to commit to pay for psychological counselling for children and youth for up to eight sessions — eight being the number most employee-assistance programs and private insurance plans will pay for. That may seem like a pipe dream at a time when governments are trying to hold the line on health spending.

But Kirby has an impressive track record. The principal recommendation of the landmark report produced by his Senate committee inOut of the Shadows at Last, was the creation of a Mental Health Commission.

Story continues below advertisement That is especially true because of the growing recognition that mental-health problems, beyond being a personal burden, are a blow to productivity and a drain on the economy.

One of the reasons that number is so high is precisely because problems are so pervasive — an estimated 6. Nipping problems in the bud should be appealing to cost-conscious governments. After stepping down from the Mental Health Commission of Canada, Kirby turned his attention to creating Partners for Mental Health, which he envisaged as a social movement that will one day do for mental health what the Canadian Cancer Society has done for cancer and the Heart and Stroke Foundation has done for cardiovascular disease.

In addition to tackling the problem of two-tier access to mental-health services, Partners for Mental Health is beating the drum for a national youth suicide-prevention fund.

It essentially calls on Ottawa to come up with a plan to combat suicide, but did not include a commitment of money. About 3, Canadians die by suicide each year, including close to young people.

In both cases, Kirby is calling for provinces and territories to take the lead and for Ottawa to offer dollar-for-dollar matching funds. That is a good strategic move from a wily political veteran who knows Ottawa is reluctant to create programs, and provinces are hesitant to act without federal dollars.With an eye to Canada’s growing international isolation, The Ugly Canadian is a must read for those who would like to see Canada adopt a more just foreign policy.

Praise for the book “Stephen Harper’s government has fundamentally changed Canada’s foreign policy in a . Category Archives: The Ugly Canadian members of the Canadian Forces on the ground in Libya.”A number of other media outlets reported that highly secretive Canadian special forces were fighting in Libya.

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The Ugly Canadian An article from Amir Attaran called “The Ugly Canadian” is an article have Mr.

The ugly canadian fighting for canadian

Attaran fighting for Canadian rights. Attaran studied law and decided to become a Canadian despite learning its disappointing flaws throughout his educational career. The ugly truth: Canadian companies still have a long way to go Experts say that businesses are paying more attention to cybersecurity because of increased regulations and a broad awareness of the risks.

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