Katies essay in flicka

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Katies essay in flicka

The stories we hear about how the West was won are all lies. The history of the West was written by the horse. Wherever a settler left his footprint there was a hoof print beside it. Men came further and further west to stake their claim on the great American wilderness. But they encountered a strength that couldn't be tamed - wild horses.

Katies essay in flicka

The settlers called them parasites that would strip the land and starve their own herds. They couldn't domesticate them so they destroyed them.

Isolated and hungry, they were on their way to disappearing from the face of the earth. Sometimes when the light disappears an afterimage remains - just for a second.

In Flicka what is Katie trying to prove she can do one day

Mustangs are an afterimage of the West, no better then ghosts, hardly there at all. No one really wants them, not ranchers, not city people - that's their destiny. Let them disappear once and for all, along with all the other misfits, loners, and relics of a wilderness no one cares about anymore.

Katies essay in flicka

Lucky for us a few mustangs survived, hidden away in the mountains. We need to protect them, for they are the hope of some kind of living memory of what the promise of America used to be - and could be again. I believe there is a force in this world that lives beneath the surface, something primitive and wild that awakens when you need an extra push just to survive, like wildflowers that bloom after fire turns the forest black.

Most people are afraid of it, and keep it buried deep inside themselves. But there will always be a few people who have the courage to love what is untamed inside us.

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One of those men is my father. There was once a time when Americans came West to discover their destiny. Today they seem to move around every which way, restless and unsettled.

But I think they're still looking for the same thing - a place where they can be optimistic about the future, a place that helps them to be who they really want to be, where they can feel that this life makes sense, a place where they can feel what I feel when I'm riding Flicka - because when we're riding, all I feelironman triathlon essay essays on dramatic traditions challenges and transmissions write an essay on macbook pro katies essay in flicka essay on the tale of two.

Oct 19,  · What are the words to Katy 's essay in Flicka? These are the words to the essay in the beginning of the movie, the anger essay in the middle after her dad sold Flicka, and the inspirational.

Sep 27,  · Katie's report that never got written down. =) Tribute to all wild mustangs. Keep them close to your hearts. Sorry guys I meant footprint not hoofprint oops:P. Katherine "Katie" McLoughlin: Calm down, Flicka. Nell McLaughlin: You named her? Katherine "Katie" McLoughlin: Flicka.

That is the word, isn't it? Gus: Oh, yeah. Beautiful um young girl. Jack: Well, you got the girl part right. The Movie: Flicka Essay. Words Apr 10th, 4 Pages. Show More. Flicka Flicka is a heart wrenching movie about the love of family, nature, and horses.

This movie shows you the summer of a ranchers daughter. Katy McLauglin (Alison Lohman) is the teenage daughter of a horse rancher who is looking to hand over the reins of the family business.

Flicka is captured during a roundup, and Rob asks Katy not to go near Flicka. Determined to prove she can run the ranch, Katy starts training Flicka at night.

Flicka slowly warms to Katy and the two develop a close bond. Rob sells Flicka to the rodeo, leaving Katy devastated.

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